Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Talking Truly Dil Se….!!

It’s Me, Myself and My childhood …!!

I was born in small village of state “Bihar”- a state of Budha’s enlightenment and was brought up in different capital cities of India which made me multi-cultured. The village was very close to district headquarter –historically very famous for its first Non-Cooperation Movement started by Mahatma Gandhi. 

My family was well recognized and educated in my village, in fact only educated family where all members had formal education upto Matriculation and above. I was the 3rd child among five sons of hard working father and dedicated mother. In the hope of girl child, our number matched with famous Pandav.

My first step to continue the family line of education was started by attending small school in my village. It was a typical village school where teachers’ sticks are longer than the duration of classes and they never mind to used their sticks even for small mistakes. But I was among few lucky kids who were not at receiving end regularly. This school had no desks & benches and everyone had to carry their own arrangement to sit on the floor but at the same time had less burden of dress code and big bag of books. 

It had big play ground but games were limited .. Only gaaoti games like Luka chhupi, Pitoo and some physical exercising games (i.e. Kabbadi, Budhia Kabbadi). We were not exposed to lots of modern games and even cricket had limited reach.

But they had a vision i.e. Education for all with No discrimination!! 

It was very short span but was memorable days of childhood in village environment. There were two rivers at both end of my village which were the few places where all gang of children normally spent time by diving and swimming. But I was always instructed not enter into river water. In rainy season, running around village with a gang was great fun. Taking bath under water pump was amazing during cultivation period of paddy seasons. I was always comfortable with kids of my age and accompany with them for all odd fun. 
Later I was sent to my Nani’s house [Maternal Grandmother] for better education and admitted to reputed school where I evolved as “white card winner”(it was a weekly report card — A grade). School changed, place changed but still fun and fight was continue — Fight with Tuition teacher, Fight with my Maasi (got lifetime scratch mark on face in later fight). I used to skip school bus and returned home by walking with a girl. She was a good friend but Jab Dil thinks logically toh it looks like kuch tha jo Bus miss karwata tha and Nana ji ki Daant sunwata tha..!!
These 2 incidents were enough to placed me in a Hostel — a place same as jail where people are brought with same intention of de-linking from happy society gang to build better & bright future. Seven year of Hostel life was not easy but enjoyed lots of beautiful moments apart of studies and games. Watching Mogli (Jungle Jungle baat chali hai) on Sunday, Doordharshan Movie on Saturday evening, after exam movie session on VCR, During exam night studying inside fully covered blanket, reading comics in the night by hiding it inside class book, planning to get extra pieces of chicken or eggs on scheduled day for it (i.e. Friday and Sunday).

But this place had given lots of recognition where I had been awarded Best student of the Year by Governor of Bihar for overall outstanding academic records. I had also represented my school in Quiz and Essay Competitions and was awarded by Governor of Bihar for winning these Competition.
After completing school, I joined Junior college in the capital city of Bihar-Patna. It was the same college which had alumni like Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav and other J.P. Movement leaders. Two years of Independent life had taught me some good and bad part of life i.e. it made me more sensible but still not responsible. 
And Jab sense of responsibility ne gherana start kiya..Masoom bachpan se dooriya badhti chali gai..Woh Kagaj ki kashti , who barish ka pani.. Yaad ban k reh gayi with unforgettable Jagjit Singh.. !!

 Inspiration and influence is something which will not constant, it keeps changing with time and interest. As a child always wanted to be like next door happy go lucky lad and jab bade aur free huye toh khub movie dekhne lage and started liking Shahrukh Khan — “King of Romance”. Started aspiring to be like him and developed the notion of success i.e. Ghar se Bhaag Ke Hi Sab Successful Hote Hai..!! Chahe Bhagna Paise ke liye ho ya Ladki ke liye !!

Phir Kya .. !! Left home twice without saying anyone at home. After 4-5 days of search, they found me at one of my friend’s room. Once arrived, so many Jadu –Tona and nazar utarana rituals have been done by my parents and amulet has been fastened on my hand. But second attempt was cost me loads of slap which was first time by my dad…!!

But non-filmy character of “Shahrukh Khan” remains my inspiration of success. Because “Seeing is Believing” and his struggle for success has been seen and known to us. His ladder of success from common man to a successful celebrity, he had not the same strong support as others in his field. His true professionalism and believe that dream comes true always inspire for hard work. A dedicated family man, devoted actor with lots of energy and determined character to achieve all success of life with never dying attitude aspires to be like him. 

Kal Ka Patta Nahi ..But still he inspire me for hard and good work!!

Mantra: “Believe in Yourself” has taught me that be happy with who you are and liking all what you have possessed!! 
Likes :
1. Good sense of fun and humour
2. Getting along with people 
3. Simple outlook
4. Enjoy reading well-written books
5. Interest in politics and current affairs
6. Spiritual inclination
7. Disciplined life
1. Got bored easily
2. Very lazy sometimes
3. Sometime egoistic
4. Quick frustration if things are not working in favour
5. Fear of losing 

The first thing which I really want to change is fear of insecurity among people around and wanted to bring sense of comfort with neighbor and people around them. De associating someone on the basis of migration, feels that they are alien in their own country. 

It should be “One Country ..Safe Country”.

Try and effort always bring the desired result.. and if not then Kahani Abhi Baki hai…